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Wildlife in Virunga Gives Hope To Congo – Congo Gorilla Safari News

The great Virunga National Park is one of Africa’s oldest national park. It is located east of Congo. It borders Queen Elizabeth National Park and Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda that are Uganda safari tour site destinations and also borders Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda which is a Rwanda gorilla safari stop point for tourists.

Virunga national park is seated on over 3000 square miles of land in Congo. It’s a park that has gone through rough and tough to survive.

Through the DR Congo’s history, there have been lots of instabilities in the country. Issues dealing with political affiliations, wars and many other challenges.

But credit is given to UNESCO, game rangers and nature patriots who have stood firm in fighting and protecting Virunga wildlife from harm.

Did you know!

Previously, Virunga national park was known as Albert national park. It was specifically created to preserve mountain gorillas that had habitats in Congo whose lives were at stake.

Virunga national park is an alluring environment with snow capped peaks, forest and Savannah reserves glaciers and active volcanoes.

Virunga is known to harbor a quarter population of mountain gorillas in the world which makes it an ideal place for gorilla trekking in Congo.

Fauna and Flora

Not only does Virunga national park have mountain gorillas, it is also rich in wildlife and birding. It has forest elephants, chimpanzees, giraffes, cheaters and lots of other wildlife.

Virunga has over 500 bird species distributed with in the different spots of the park. Virunga national park makes a perfect wildlife Congo safari tour.

Congo safari
The Virunga Ranges.

Virunga national park is surrounded by magnificent mountains like Sabyinyo, Nyamulagira, Mikeno, Rwenzori mountains, Nyiragongo Volcano which has one of the greatest lava lakes where most tourists love to camp and view the craters at night.

Don’t miss out the great life memories that you can make if you decide to have Congo safaris at Virunga National park.

Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Wildlife in Virunga gives hope to Congo – Congo Gorilla Safari News.

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