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1 Day River Congo Cruise From Kinshasa

1 Day River Congo Cruise from Kinshasa

Flowing through a range of ten (10) countries, River Congo traverses the dark green and lush tropical jungle of Congo standing as the second in the world after Amazon which actually seems like its continuation but only to have lost touch during the Continental drift process.

The Day Cruise on River Congo from Kinshasa commence at 12:30 every day and the drive to and from the starting point can be arranged as well. The return time is 17:00 hours.


The 1 Day Cruise on River Congo offers a remarkable opportunity to explore the deepest river in the world at 220m, the Africa’s second longest River and the second largest in the world by discharge after Amazon. It is such a unique physical feature that is indeed worth exploring.

River Congo is noted for crossing twice the equator while the entire Congo Basin covers an area of four (4) million Km2 which is about 13% of the landmass of Africa.

It’s a day of recreation and adventure traversing the dark places of the jungle in comfort of nice boat marked with cozy seats and buffet restaurant while enjoying amazing sights of villages, cities and sites.

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