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Bungee Jumping in Uganda

The Nile High Bungee is one of the most Adventure Uganda Safari activities that have always left the adventure travelers in a state of amusement. It is very spectacular as you jump down a 44m cliff to touch the majestic waters of the Nile River as it makes its early stages of the journey to the Mediterranean Sea.

With the capacity to jump the 235kg, the traveler can opt to go along with a colleague during this lifetime adventure safari experience in Uganda. They normally do ankle tie but can as well do full body harness presenting good posture for somersault and other free styles that generate good picturesque opportunities.

The team of expert operators have carried out this activity for 25 years now and thus the safety is not an issue. They operate on the standards of New Zealand bungee jumping practice code and this is reviewed twice a year to ensure that it keeps up to date.

The equipment used is intensely tested and accorded a certain working life span considering its expected time length such equipment can operate before its performance is reduced to the point where it is only 3 times stronger than the expected working safety load. The staff always takes note of such records.

The jumping rope is made of pure white latex rubber of high quality and utilised by the best worlds under wear manufacturers. The latex stretches about four times with magical upside down views of the riversides, the lush forests, birds amidst the cheers of the people that tend to chill at the nearby eco bar.

It is always entirely your choice whether to touch the majestic waters of the Nile or just stop at a few metres to after falling from 44m down the steep cliff.

This is a magical Uganda Adventure Safari tour activity to undertake on the World’s longest Nile River.