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Rwanda Wildlife Safaris, Rwanda Wildlife Safari, Wildlife Safaris in Rwanda

Rwanda wildlife safaris (wildlife safaris in Rwanda) are among the most captivating on the African continent!

They offer you a remarkable encounter to the best Rwanda wildlife safari destinations (parks) with most of the Rwanda wildlife species such as the Big Five. And among these include Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalos as well as Rhinos.

Also, on your wildlife safari in Rwanda, expect to spot other amazing classic game animals in Africa like Giraffes, Hippos, Crocodiles, Zebras, and numerous Antelopes

All Rwanda game viewing tours take place in Akagera National Park. This great park boasts a variety of animals totaling over 13,500 mammals. Probably, this is due to its bio-diversity like savannah plains, woodlands, wetlands as well as a dozen lakes.

For a fascinating experience, travelers usually accompany chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park as well as Nyungwe Forest canopy walk on their wildlife tour in Rwanda.

Other fan experiences worth undertaking on top of your Rwanda wildlife safari include cultural experiences, visiting genocide memorial centers, and a Kigali city tour.

Also, on your wildlife trip in Rwanda, you can add up a Mountain gorilla tour in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park! This offers a notable experience of meeting the rare gentle giants (Mountain gorillas) in their amazing misty habitat- Volcanoes National Park.

All wildlife safaris in Rwanda are ideally safe and can take place all year round. On this tour, you have numerous choices for accommodation ranging from luxury, midrange, and budget.

Also, note that Rwanda is one of the relatively cheaper safari destinations in Africa worth visiting. 1 USD costs about 1100-1200 Rwandan Franc.

For more about wildlife Rwanda tours, let’s go deeper!

Site for Rwanda Wildlife Trips- Where Can I See Wildlife in Rwanda?

All Rwanda wildlife trips are only possible in one bio-diverse national park, and this is:

  1. Akagera National Park

Managed by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Akagera National Park covers over 1,122 km2 in the northeastern part of Rwanda on the borders of Rwanda and Tanzania.

This is Rwanda’s only savannah national park and offers charming Rwanda wildlife safari expeditions!

It’s dominated by scenic savannah plains, swamps, as well as woodlands. Also, Akagera Park boasts a dozen lakes most being fed by the Akagera River, for example, Lake Ihema and Lake Shakani.

Akagera National Park is famously known due to its fascinating animal population, which goes over 13,500 game animals according to the 2018 census. This park also holds about 500 bird species, and thus, an ideal site for birding watching in Rwanda.

During your wildlife tours in Rwanda’s Akagera national park, you’ll enjoy a scenic game drive, nature walks, and a boat cruise on Ihema Lake.

On your wildlife Rwanda safari tours, expect to encounter wildlife species such as:

  • Lions
  • Leopards
  • Cape Buffalos
  • Elephants
  • Black Rhinos
  • Zebras
  • Giraffes
  • Hippos
  • Numerous antelopes like Elands, Uganda Kobs, and Roan Antelopes can also be spotted on your wildlife tours in Akagera.

What Wild Animals Are in Rwanda? | What Animals Do You See on Safari in Rwanda?

What is the wildlife in Rwanda? Putting aside 15 primate species, Rwanda boasts over 136 mammal species.

During your game viewing tour in Rwanda, the best place to see game animals in Rwanda is Akagera NP.

On your Rwanda tour, the common wildlife of Rwanda includes:

  1. Carnivorous game animals: Rwanda boasts several carnivorous animals counting Lions, Leopards, Hyenas, Side-stripped Jackals, etc. These can be spotted during your Rwanda wildlife safari adventures in Akagera NP.
  2. Primates: The endangered Mountain gorillas in Rwanda, as well as Chimpanzees, are the most sought-after primates in Rwanda. However, others include Golden Monkeys, Black and white Colobus Monkeys, and Blue Monkeys, as well as the rare L’hoest’s Monkey, etc.

Nocturnal primates in Rwanda include Pottos and Bushbabies.

Please note that: Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe Forest National Park are the main national parks to spot primates in Rwanda.

The endangered Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys can only be spotted in Volcanoes National Park while other primate species like Black and white Colobus Monkeys, are in Nyungwe forest national park.

  1. Various bird species: Such as Rwenzori Turaco, Handsome Francolin, Sunbirds, Herons, Bee-eaters, Papyrus Gonolek, Grew- crowned Cranes, and Narina Trogon. Nyungwe Forest is an ideal site to spot birds.
  2. Herbivores animals: Counting Buffalos, Black Rhinos, Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, and Hippos, as well as numerous antelope species.
  3. Reptiles counting giant Nile Crocodiles, Pythons, and Snakes.

What Are the Big Five in Rwanda?

Rwanda is one of the few safari destinations in Africa boasting all the Big Five! The Big Five in Rwanda can all be spotted in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park.

The Big Five in Rwanda include:

  1. Lions
  2. Leopards
  3. Elephants
  4. Buffalos and,
  5. Black Rhinos

Are There Lions in Rwanda | Can You See Lions in Rwanda?

Yes, there are Lions in Rwanda! On your Rwanda wildlife safari, they can be only spotted in Akagera NP, Rwanda’s only savannah national park found in the eastern province, along the Tanzania border.

On your Rwanda wildlife safari trips in Akagera NP, Lions are spotted mainly on a game drive.

Are There Leopards in Rwanda?

Yes, Leopards can be spotted on your Rwanda wildlife safari adventures. They’re spotted majorly in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park.

Usually, these elusive animals are spotted on a night game drive since they’re most active at night.

Are There Big Cats in Rwanda?

The big cats in Rwanda include Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs. These are often spotted on your wildlife safari tours in Rwanda’s Akagera park. This wonderful park is just a 2–3-hour drive from Kigali city.

Does Rwanda Have Tigers?

Although travelers on Rwanda wildlife safari tours encounter thousands of game animals such as Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Zebras, and many dominant animals, the country has no Tigers!

Can You See Elephants in Rwanda?

Rwanda is one of the best safari destinations in East Africa holding a viable population of Elephants. It holds over 100 Elephants found in Akagera NP.

Elephants are the biggest land animal on earth weighing over 6,000 on average, and capable of living over 60 years.

Amazing Rwanda Safaris to Undertake on Top of Your Wildlife Safari

Rwanda Wildlife Safari

For a notable experience, you’re advised to accompany your wildlife holiday in Rwanda with other charming adventures such as:

  1. Rwanda Gorilla Tours in Volcanoes National Park

In East Africa, the country of a thousand hills “Rwanda” is one of the countries offering the most thrilling gorilla tracking tours! This memorable adventure allows you to encounter the endangered Mountain gorillas in the wonderful misty and thick forest of Volcanoes National Park.

The endangered Mountain gorillas are the biggest primates on earth! A Mountain gorilla can weigh about 100-270kg!

During the trek to spot the endangered Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, expect to encounter numerous colorful birds like the Red-chested Sunbird. Also, lucky visitors can spot forest Elephants.

On encountering the allocated Mountain gorilla group in Volcanoes National Park, you’ll spend time (one magical hour) with these endangered Mountain gorillas and you’re free to take as many photos as possible.

Note that:

  • Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is responsible for all Mountain gorilla permits in Volcanoes National Park.
  • Always keep a 7-10m distance for the endangered Mountain gorillas!


Often most visitors planning to visit mountain gorillas in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park are inquisitive about the gorilla expedition cost in this country.

The cost for Rwanda gorillas trekking is 1500 USD.


How safe is gorilla trekking in Rwanda? This is a common question to visitors planning to undertake gorilla tours in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park.

Unquestionably, all Mountain gorilla expeditions in Rwanda are safe, and below are the reasons:

  • On the trekking trail to encounter the endangered Mountain gorillas, you’ll always be accompanied by armed trained game rangers.
  • Every day, park rangers patrol Volcanoes National Park. This is intended to protect the endangered Mountain gorillas as well as drive away poachers.
  • Mountain gorilla tracking in Rwanda is done on fully habituated Mountain gorilla families. So, these gentle giants (Mountain gorillas) are used to human presence.


This a common inquiry by most visitors planning to visit Mountain gorillas in Rwanda, however, note that there is no fixed price for Mountain gorillas holidays in Rwanda! This is because its price is determined by many factors.

Here are some of the factors determining the cost of a Mountain gorilla vacation in Rwanda:

  • The number of people you are traveling to see Mountain gorillas in Rwanda.
  • Class of accommodation you wish to use on your gorilla vacation.
  • The type of vehicle you’re to use on your Rwanda Mountain gorillas holiday,
  • Number of safari activities you wish to top up on your Mountain gorillas adventure


Which is better to see gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda? Usually, several visitors planning to take gorilla tours in Africa are confused about whether to go undertake Mountain gorilla expeditions in Uganda or Rwanda.

However, here is a comparison for you between these countries:

  • A Mountain gorilla trekking permit in Uganda is 700 USD but, it’s 1500 USD in Rwanda.
  • Uganda boasts almost 50% of the Mountain gorillas living on earth in its national parks Mgahinga and Bwindi.
  • In Uganda, there’re over 20 habituated gorilla families however, they are 12 in Rwanda.
  • Uganda offers Mountain gorilla habituation experience however, there is no gorilla habituation experience in Rwanda. In Uganda, this experience is done on the Bikingi gorilla family, in Rushaga Bwindi.
  1. Chimpanzee Tracking Tours in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Chimpanzee tracking tours in Nyungwe National Park are among the thrilling holiday tours worth undertaking on your visit to Rwanda.

This rewarding adventure in Nyungwe forest national park allows you to visit Chimpanzees in their amazing environment. You’ll enjoy these close relatives of man (chimps) as they roam the Nyungwe Forest floor!

During your Chimpanzee trek in Nyungwe national park, expect to encounter various birds and beautiful primate species such as Black and white Colobus Monkeys. Among others, African forest Elephants can also be spotted.

Furthermore, in Nyungwe forest national park, you shouldn’t miss undertaking the Nyungwe forest canopy walk! It’s a breathtaking way of exploring the dazzling Nyungwe forest national park.

  1. Bird Watching Tours in Rwanda

For bird lovers, Rwanda awaits you! This scenic country is blessed with over 703 bird species, counting over 29 Albertine Rift Endemics and several Lake Victoria Biome Endemics.

Among the most sought-after birds in Rwanda include the Red-chested Bee-eaters, Neumann’s Warbler, Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Turaco, Grauer’s Warbler, Regal Sunbirds, etc.

Nyungwe forest national park, Akagera National Park as well as Volcanoes National Park are among the national parks ideal for birding in Rwanda. Lake Kivu is the best site to spot water birds in Rwanda.

Nyungwe forest national park is the best place to spot Albertine rift endemic birds.

  1. Cultural Tours

Cultural encounters in Rwanda will allow you to have close encounters with the local people. This will give you a golden opportunity of exploring the rich captivating cultural norms, traditions, and beliefs of people in Rwanda.

Normally, tourists visit the Iby’iwacu Cultural Village for vibrant traditional dance and music from the local women, men, and kids. For a memorable experience, you can actively participate!

Guided community walks as well as visiting Batwa (Pygmy) communities are also possible.

  1. Visiting Rwanda Genocide Memorial Centers

For travelers interested in learning about the dark past of Rwanda, endeavor to visit Rwanda genocide historical sites.

Genocide memorial sites are areas holding thousands of human skulls! They commemorate victims of the Rwanda genocide.

On your visit in Rwanda, genocide memorial centers include:

  • Gisozi
  • Nyamata
  • Murambi
  • Ntarama
  • and Bisesero

You’ll find a professional local guide who will explain to you the pitiful history of genocide in Rwanda.

Please note that, since the 1994 genocide, the Rwanda government with several UN organizations has concerted efforts to fight such a fatal action from happening again in this beautiful country. And currently, this country (Rwanda) is one of the most peaceful countries in the region.

  1. Golden Monkey Trekking

Normally, visitors in Rwanda accompany golden monkey trekking on top of their Mountain gorillas tours. This is a pleasing adventure allowing you to encounter the magnificent Golden Monkeys in the wild.

Golden monkey trekking tours in Rwanda take place in Volcanoes National Park. This great park of Rwanda holds 2 habituated groups of Golden Monkeys with the biggest family holding over 80-100 members.

These Monkeys, Golden Monkeys are among the most beautiful monkeys in the world.

  1. Undertaking Mountain Hiking Adventures

If interested in mountain hiking adventures in Rwanda, Mount Karisimbi awaits you!

Among the 8 striking Virunga Mountains, Mount Karisimbi (4,507m a.s.l) is the highest range and offers the most thrilling hiking experience. Mount Karisimbi is found in Volcanoes National Park, the area for Mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

Apart from Mount Karisimbi other amazing volcanoes in this country Rwanda (Rwanda) worth hiking include:

  • Mount Bisoke– is capped with a picturesque crater lake.
  • Sabyinyo Mountain
  • Gahinga volcanoe and,
  • Muhabura Mountain

Please note that all the above are massifs of the Virunga Mountains.

Other Rewarding Experiences Worth Undertaking on Your Wildlife Tour in Rwanda Include:-

  1. Paying a visit to the grave of Dian Fossey- a legend in conserving gorillas:  Also, you decide to go ahead and explore her Karisoke Research Centre.
  2. Undertaking Rwanda city tour: The city of Rwanda “the Country of a Thousand Hills” is called Kigali. This city ranks among the most organized and cleanest cities in Africa.
  3. Relaxation at Lake Kivu. There’re numerous pleasing sites around Lake Kivu Rwanda’s biggest lake to chill out from! And, among these include the dazzling sand beaches and islands. The best way to explore these dazzling islands of Lake Kivu is by undertaking a boat cruise.

Packing List for Rwanda Wildlife Safari- What to Pack for Rwanda Wildlife Safari Tour

While planning to have a game-viewing safari in Rwanda, it’s ideal you have the following for a wonderful holiday:

  1. A camera for taking photos: This should be having a nice clear lens as well as a big storage space to cater to many photos for example, of Mountain gorillas.
  2. Pair of binoculars will help you to have great views of distant features as well as animals. These help a lot while birding in Nyungwe Forest.
  3. Sunglasses also help to protect your body from strong tropical sun rays in this country.
  4. A sunhat safeguards you from direct sunlight.
  5. Sunscreens protect your body from strong tropical sun rays.
  6. Insect repellents help to keep away all biting insects like Mosquitoes, as well as Tsetse Flies. It’s ideal if you’re to visit a thick forest like Nyungwe National Park or Volcanoes park for Mountain gorillas.
  7. Comfortable hiking shoes, particularly if you’re to undertake nature walks in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park as well as Nyungwe Forest.
  8. Drinking bottled water helps to keep you hydrated, especially in the dry season or while trekking for Mountain gorillas.

Safari Clothes for Your Rwanda Wildlife Safari- What to Wear During Your Wildlife Tour in Rwanda?

During your wildlife Rwanda tour, it’s ideal to put on eco-friendly clothes that easily blend well with nature for example:

  • Brown
  • Khaki
  • Grey and,
  • Green

Also note that:

  1. Bright colors like white are not ideal, as they easily pick up dirt from dusty roads in the park. Also, these colors irritate Mountain gorillas.
  2. Blue outfits should be avoided as they easily attract Tsetse flies.
  3. Black clothes also should be avoided as they absorb great heat, especially during dry seasons.
  4. Camouflaging clothes should also be avoided! They’re considered military attires in most African countries.

Hotels (Lodges) in Rwanda to Use on Your Wildlife Viewing Vacation

While on your Rwanda wildlife vacation, there’re various classes of accommodation to use ranging from luxury, midrange as well as budget.

a) Ideal Luxury Lodges to Use on Your Rwanda Wildlife Holiday

  1. Bisate Lodge
  2. Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel
  3. Ruzizi Tented Lodge
  4. Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge
  5. Magashi Camp
  6. Akagera Game Lodge

b) Best Midrange Lodges to Use on Your Wildlife Trip in Rwanda

  1. Karenga Bush Camp
  2. La Palme Hotel
  3. Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge
  4. Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge

c) Recommended Budget Lodges to Use on Your Wildlife Tour in Rwanda

  1. Dereva hotel
  2. Shakani Campsite
  3. Akagera National Park Camping
  4. Mutamba Akagera Campsite
  5. Shakani Akagera Campsite
  6. Hotel Muhabura

Best Time to Visit Rwanda for A Wildlife   Safari- What Is the Best Time of Year to Safari in Rwanda?

When to visit Rwanda for a wildlife tour? Game viewing Rwanda safari holidays are possible all time of the year however, the dry months, June-August and December-February are ideal. This is the ideal time to visit even Rwanda’s Mountain gorillas.

In these months, minimal rainfall inconveniences are expected in the park and the trails tend to be mud free.

More so, this period offers great sites for game viewing as the grass dries out and animals gather around water points.

Is Rwanda Good for Safari? | Why Do A Wildlife Safari in Rwanda?

There’re numerous reasons why you should undertake a wildlife tour in Rwanda, and among these include:

  1. Game-viewing trips in Rwanda can easily be combined with chimpanzee or Mountain gorillas tour adventures. This is impossible in other East African countries like Kenya and Tanzania.
  2. Also, Rwanda wildlife safari trips offer you a golden encounter with all the Big Five. And these include Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes, and Rhinos, all spotted in Akagera National Park.
  3. For bird lovers, you can easily combine your Rwanda wildlife viewing trip with a birding tour. Rwanda is home to over 703 bird species and among these includes about 29 Albertine endemic bird species and several Lake Victoria basin endemics.
  4. Lastly, Rwanda ranks among the safest countries in Africa! Since the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the country has been politically safe up to date. All visits to Rwanda’s Mountain gorillas are safe!

Rwanda Wildlife Safari Cost- How Much Is A Wildlife Holiday in Rwanda?

Please note that there is no fixed price for the Rwanda wildlife safari holidays! This is so because its price is determined by several factors such as:

a. Class Accommodation You Decide to Use

On your game-viewing tour in the Country of a Thousand Hills, the class of accommodation you decide to use greatly affects your vacation price.

For instance, opting for luxury accommodation raises more your tour cost in Rwanda than it would when you use budget facilities.

b. The Number of Days You’ll Spend on Your Wildlife Tour

Generally, the more days on your wildlife Rwanda safari vacation, the higher your trip cost rises. This is because, each day comes with its expenses, for example, accommodation and transport costs.

c. The Number of People on a Wildlife Trip in Rwanda

Generally, the more people on a trip, the higher will be the cost. This is because each person comes with extra expenses such as accommodation.

However, on the other hand, traveling in a group on a Rwanda wildlife safari tour minimizes the trip costs as it allows sharing of some costs. For example, transport and accommodation costs.

d. Type of a Safari Vehicle to Use on Your Trip

The vehicle you opt to use on your trip also determines the cost of your wildlife Rwanda safari holiday! For example, using an extended land cruiser instead of a safari van raises your holiday cost. This is so because these two have different fuel consumption rates.

e. The Number of Activities You Wish to Undertake on Your Rwanda Wildlife Trip

The more activities on your wildlife Rwanda tour, the more your vacation price rises. This is because each activity comes with its rate.

For example, if you wish to undertake gorilla or chimpanzee trekking on top of your wildlife expedition in Rwanda, your holiday cost will be higher compared to a person taking a wildlife trip alone.

Best Rwanda Wildlife Safari Tour Operators to Book With Your Trip- H2

Here are the trustworthy wildlife tour operators in Rwanda you should travel with:

  1. Prime Safaris and Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Africa Safaris Tours
  4. Gorilla Safari Rwanda
  5. Gorilla Tracking Rwanda
  6. Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Safaris

Here Are Some of the Best Rwanda Wildlife Safari Packages for You:-

  • 3 days Akagera Wildlife Trip in Rwanda-This is an amazing trip allowing you to explore Rwanda’s only savannah safari park.  On this adventure, expect to encounter all the Big Five, a tranquil boat cruise on Lake Ihema. It also allows you to visit Kigali Genocide Memorial.
  • 4 days wildlife Trip in Rwanda, Gorillas, and community visits- For adventure lovers, this trip suits you. It takes you to enjoy gorillas in Volcanoes park, game drives in Akagera, and Cruise on Lake Ihema.

Furthermore, it takes you to enjoy a cultural adventure in the great Iby’iwachu Village and allows you to visit the Kigali genocide site.

  • 6 days Rwanda Trip- Gorillas and Golden Monkeys, Chimps as well as Colobus Monkeys. It also offers you the Nyungwe forest canopy walk, memorable cultural encounters, exploring the great Musanze Caves as well as a visit to Kigali City.

Other amazing tour packages in Rwanda include: –

  • 9 days Rwanda Trip
  • 10 days wildlife trip in Rwanda
  • 12 days safari in Rwanda and,
  • 16 days safari tour in Rwanda, etc.

To wrap up, on your visit in Rwanda, you shouldn’t miss out on undertaking a wildlife safari!

It’s a wonderful safari expedition giving you an encounter with all the Big Five in Rwanda, in one destination– Akagera National Park. And among these include Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalos, and Rhinos.

Also, on your wildlife viewing tour in Akagera National Park, expect to spot a diversity of game animals! Giraffes, Zebras, Hippos, as well as numerous Antelopes, are rarely missed.

For a remarkable experience, among others, you should supplement a chimpanzee or gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda on top of your wildlife adventure!

For a rewarding experience, Book now with us an affordable wildlife holiday in Rwanda. Please, endeavor to email us with any inquiries about your Rwanda tour!