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Amazing Facts in Africa – Congo Gorilla Safari News

Africa is known to be the second largest continent in the whole world. It has beautiful countries that leave tourists marveled whenever they visit.

Most of these African countries have breathe taking landscapes, wildlife fauna and flora that leaves you great memories. Countries like the Democratic Republic of Cong has eye catching places like the great Virunga National Park.

Most tourists who do Congo safari tours/Congo safaris/Uganda gorilla safaris/ gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda enjoy going for Gorilla trekking in Congo Virunga National Park.

Besides the beauty in Congo, we have some other fascinating facts. Did you know!

Africa’s Sahara Desert is BiggerThan The USA

The African Sahara is the third biggest desert in the whole world. It keeps on expanding. Imagine its growing in the southern region at the rate of half a mile per month totaling to about six miles per year. The Africa Sahara Desert is about 9.4 million square kilometers bigger than the entire USA. Woo

African Elephants Are The Lands Biggest Mammals

African elephants are so fascinating that they are in fact the biggest mammals that can weigh up to 5000 – 10000 pounds.

It’s funny but the elephants are the only mammals that can not jump. African elephants have their relatives the Asian elephants though they have significant differences.

The African elephants have thin large ears, and a darker complexion compared to their relatives.  Can you imagine that the largest African elephant weighed up to 25000 pounds!

Lake Malawi Has The Biggest Number of Fish Species

Lake Malawi has one of the most beautiful Africa safari destinations you can ever go to. Beautiful beaches and resting points in the world.

But surprisingly or not, lake Malawi has over 500 fish species in the entire world than any other lake. Get a chance to go there.

The list of the amazing facts is surely endless. But if you are a nature and wildlife passionate person, take an African safari and enjoy the best of the best. Get to share memories that you will live to talk about all the time.

Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Amazing facts in Africa – Congo gorilla safari news Congo Gorilla Safari News.

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