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Silverback Gorillas in Congo – Congo Gorilla Safari News

Silverback gorillas are a type of gorillas that are ranking 95% DNA share with humans. Besides other factors that might cut across, the population of gorillas and silverbacks in particular is drastically decreasing.

This is because of the way human behavior has greatly affected their lives. We roughly have 700silverbacks left in existence.

Trekking silverback gorillas in a Congo gorilla safari is one of the most exciting activities one can ever have for themselves.

Generally, the silverback gorilla habitats are tropical rain forests and mountain regions. That’s why they are sometimes called the mountain gorillas.

During a gorilla trekking in Congo, you have a glimpse of the different gorilla families with a well structured social life.

Gorillas are known to be in huge numbers in central Africa. But again when it comes to the East African region particularly in Uganda, you can have a Uganda gorilla safari tour in the different national parks that are dominated in the whole country.

Gorilla Family

Gorillas are known for staying in large groups of about 30 gorillas. These include a dominant gorilla normally that leads out the other males, females and the young ones. They do have different activities throughout the day that is feeding, playing and sleeping.

Gorillas are known to be the largest primates. Male gorillas are 6 times stronger than a human(man). Standing on their feet is about 6feet tall and having arms which are up to 8feet wide.

Because gorillas swing from tree to tree for over a long distance, their arms grow stronger and stronger.

On a Congo safari, we learn why silverback gorillas are called silverbacks. The silverback is like a special identification from the other gorillas.

Male gorillas are the ones that bare this silverback that prolongs to its thighs. A male gorilla that grows a silverback shows its sexual maturity, and also identifies it with other male gorillas.

Silverback Breeding

Usually, female gorillas give birth at 10years of age or even earlier and at this age they leave their families to go to other places.

For the males, they leave their families at the age of 11years or at a later age to start other families. A gorilla’s gestation period is 9months and usually gives birth to one baby gorilla.

Mother gorillas are very protective of their young ones till they grow to around 5-6months of age.

Silverback feeding

On a gorilla safari in Congo, you learn how these animals feed. Silverback gorillas feed on fruits, bamboos, tree barks, vegetation, herbs and insects occasionally.

Morning and evening hours are for the gorillas to feed then the midday hours are playtime for gorillas. Gorillas have a very fascinating and interesting life that you can learn more about gorillas on a Congo safari tour.

Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Silverback Gorillas in Congo – Congo Gorilla Safari news.

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